Basic Starter Pack



The KMG Basic Protection Pack has the essential equipment that you need to get started in Krav Maga training

Official KMG Training Trousers made of light, durable, macro material.
KMG Anatomical groin protector.
KMG Handwraps.

Trouser Size Guide:
Extra Small: 28 inch Waist / 95 cm Leg
Small: 31 inch Waist / 100 cm Leg
Medium: 34 inch Waist / 107 cm Leg
Large: 37 inch Waist / 112 cm Leg
Extra Large: 39 inch Waist / 116 cm Leg

Groin Protector Size Guides:
Small: 28 - 30 inch waist and below
Medium: 31 - 33 inch waist
Large: 34 inch waist and above
Ladies: Small
Ladies: Medium