Junior/Teens Training Trousers

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Junior trousers are light-duty cotton (100%) with elasticated waistband and additional drawstring. Trousers have white stripe down each side of the leg on the 110 Blitz make. However, the rest of the sizes 120-170 are just plain black.

Our sizes are 110cm - 170cm (this is based on the child's total height) e.g. 170cm being based around a 12-13yr old depending on your child's height.

110 (Blitz Make) 72.5cm outside leg / 56cm inside leg

120 (Kwon Make) 77cm outside leg / 53cm inside leg

130 (Kwon Make) 84cm outside leg / 59cm inside leg

140 (Kwon Make) 89cm outside leg / 63cm inside leg 

150 (Kwon Make/Rupla) 94cm outside leg / 70cm inside leg

160 (Kwon Make) 99cm outside leg / 71cm inside leg 

170 (Kwon Make) 103cm outside leg / 73cm inside leg