Krav Maga Success: Turning Your Passion into a Successful Business

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Jon Bullock Right now many krav maga instructors would love the chance to grow, expand, and run a successful school teaching their passion to others.
‘Isn’t it time you pushed your Krav Maga School to the next level, and learnt how to share your passion with more and more people?’
The time and effort you invested into becoming an expert instructor in krav maga can be harnessed in the same way to become an expert in running a successful krav maga school.

Join the growing number of people who are taking their career in teaching krav maga seriously, and spending time doing what they love, by learning the critical factors all school owners must focus on to succeed.

This book will teach you how to:

Share your vision.
Build a team of amazing people.
Learn how to ask the right questions.
How to get help when you need it.
Getting crystal clear on your ‘numbers’.
… and much more.


Let Jon Bullock help you recognise the areas of improvement needed to grow your school, to break through the barriers that you face so that you can turn your krav maga passion into a successful business.